Let's Spread The Joy This Winter!

Explore our new Winter Lights Drive-Through Experience Through January 17

We look forward to sharing our stunning light display re-imagined as a drive-through with a 14-foot, 3-D apple made of lights, an ice sculpture from artist Jennifer Hedberg, a stunning waterfall of water lilies and much, much more! 

Tickets are $10 for Arboretum members and $15 for non-members. Children ages 15 and younger get free admission. Each person in your vehicle needs to have a ticket.

Here are a few tips for enjoying your night:

  • Due to the Governor’s COVID-19 safety guidelines, visitors must stay in their car for the entire drive-through experience. 
  • Speed limit is 5 miles per hour, for the safety of all patrons, please do not stop your vehicle at any point during the course.
  • Please dim your headlights to running lights only after you pass the gatehouse (and remember to turn your headlights on before you exit.)
  • Have your tickets -- one for each person in the vehicle -- available (either printed or displayed on your phone) as you drive up to the gatehouse. Keep your window rolled up, and our gatehouse attendant will scan tickets through the window for minimal contact. Tickets must be purchased in advance. No drive-up ticket sales or transactions are allowed.
  • Masks are required when conversing with employees or using the portable restroom. 
  • The Oswald Visitor Center and Snyder buildings, as well as the Gift & Garden Store are closed for this event.
  • Vehicles must not be longer than 20 feet in order to safely navigate the drive.

Common Questions

Can I buy tickets at the gatehouse?
No, tickets must be purchased online in advance of your visit. No drive-up ticket sales or transactions are allowed.

Do I need to have a ticket for every person in the car?
Yes. If you need to purchase more tickets for passengers in your car, please call 612-624-2200.

I bought my tickets online. Where can I find them?
You should receive an email from ‘Regents of the University of Minnesota through its Minnesota Landscape Arboretum - eTickets’ with a link to your tickets. Please print these tickets out or have them available via your mobile phone when you arrive for Winter Lights, or call us at 612-624-2200 if you can’t find them.

What time should I arrive at the Arboretum?
Please arrive within 15 minutes of your ticketed time.

Can I get out of my car and walk through the displays?
No. All visitors must remain in their vehicle for the entire drive-through experience. We changed Winter Lights from a walking tour to a drive-through experience based on guidelines from Governor Tim Walz to keep everyone as safe as possible this holiday season.

How long is the experience?
About 15-30 minutes (depending on traffic) when driving at the suggested speed limit of 5 mph.

Will there be restrooms available?
Yes. There is a portable, ADA-compliant restroom in the staff parking lot at the beginning and end of the drive. Please wear a mask when using the restroom.

Are you selling food?
Unfortunately, food concessions will not be available. Feel free to pack your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Is parking or tailgating allowed?
There won’t be any place to park on-site (other than the emergency portable restroom near the Snyder Building), and tailgating is not permitted. 

Are masks required?
Masks are required when conversing with Arboretum staff or if you are outside your vehicle to use the portable restroom.

Still have questions?
Call 612-624-2200 for more information.

Drive-Through Map

Winter Lights Map

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